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The United Kingdom

 The United Kingdom is located on the northwest coast of continental Europe, surrounded by the North Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. The United Kingdom is a parliamentary monarchy, which means that the head of state is a monarch (king or queen), while the state actually manages Parliament. It consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. London is the capital of the United Kingdom. Also, it is one of the most developed countries in the world.


Heart Bingo



Have you heard of Heart radio? If you live across the United Kingdom, there is almost no possibility that you haven’t heard of one of the most popular radio stations in the UK. In the following post we will present their recently rolled out “Heart Bingo” (www.heartbingo-uk.co.uk), a set of high quality Bingo games available to wide-range listeners database. Heart Bingo is product of Hearts partnership with “Gamesys Ltd”, a giant company which hold all rights and licence concerning Bingo regulatives. Some of the most popular games included in “Hear Bingo” are certainly Tiki Island, Cleopatra, Bubble,¬†Winstones, The 100,000 Pyramid, Scratchcard Shop etc. OR very popular slots like Tycoon Progressive and Bullion Bonanza. As a conclusion I would like to emphasize that players are capable of contacting customer support directly via free phone call if their questions are not answered via FAQ page. Sharing of players’ experiences (pros/cons) can be easily made through official Twitter and Facebook page.