Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – Importance for Business

Popularity of social media networks are quite big today. People mostly using them for non-commercial purposes like chatting, video interaction, following some favorite brands / actors / sport club(s) and many other ways. Facebook and Twitter are biggest representatives of social media network for non-commercial occupation, and LinkedIn for professional. Other, much smaller percent of people use social media networks for business, like marketing and promotions. Advantage of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are targeting of people, like filtering by geographical location, age, gender, skills, job and other. So, the efficiency is much bigger than on other ‘real one’ marketing platforms, like TV,radio, fliers, newspapers etc… That’s why more and more people are choosing exactly this kind of platform for their business needs. As we stated, social media presence is very important for your business, and it is directly related and connected to your business success. More followers, subscribes, likes or connections means more chances for better marketing of your product, company, fan-page or organization.

Buying real and high quality social media signals are ‘pig in a poke‘ today. There are many people or “real sites”  or individuals which offer you “real fans”, ‘real likes’, ‘real subscribers’ or ‘real followers’. They often se scripts for creating bunch of fake profiles and that use for selling. Of course, no one need that because it is completely useless. If you want to buy real ones, targeted, for your business or other needs, there are professional like SocialExperts. They have in offer Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud and Google services. Except SoundCloud, unless you are music producer, all other can boost your business. Beside your company, organization or fan-page presence in specific social media network, you are presenting your ideas or products to the whole world wide web via google, yahoo, bing… That will improve you SEO (search engine optimization) if you are running a website or blog.

At the end, after stating all facts we can clearly see that social media presence is very important for business, and that is for sure one of the keys which leads to success.

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