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Taser And Other Guns For Self Defense

Maintain safety and self defense is for many people something of highest importance. Today we will introduce you to the methods and tools for self defense. We will use “Smart Stun” leader on the market in self defense weapons. Some of the most common tools that people buying for self defense are pepper guns, taser guns, stun guns and pepper spray (bear mace). Before considering which one to choose, it is important that you first determine where you will carry on specific self defense weapon.

  • If you choose PEPPER gun, you will have benefits of “easy to use”, highly effective in preventing attacking to you or your loved one. Gun release pepper, which is much uncomfortable and painful for attacker.
  • TASER gun are powerful weapon which will immediately incapacitate aggressive person, allowing you enough time for escape. This tools of self defense is tested by many law enforcement officers all around the world.
  • STUN gun is very powerful weapon, but you need first to ask yourself “how i will carry on this items” and “how i will use it when time has come”. Stun gun requires direct contact with the attacker, but it’s smaller then previously described items. Gun provide electrical shock to the attacker, and voltage is important here.
  • PEPPER spray (bear mace) is smallest self defense weapon between previously 3 described. When attacker is exposed to pepper spray all that he/she wanna need in that moment is fresh air following strong pain.