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Have you ever stuck with making some project out or trying to repair something due to lack of tool or component? “Horusrc” is an online store – your home for quality RC and hobby components on the market, implying those which seem as harder to find. Ordering a product is as easy as a few steps, just like with any ordinary internet shopping. Among he variety of products available, we set aside some of the newer we just got on the lane such as Taranis x9d plus, Frsky Horus X12S Gimbal, FrSky XSRF3E Flight Controller Built-in F3E & XSR Telemetry Receiver, FrSky 2.4G ACCST Taranis Q X7 16 Channels Transmitter, FrSky Built-in XM Receiver Bind and Fly Drone Vantac Q100 and more. Full list is available from “New Products” link from our home page. Lastly, with every purchase you made with us, you will receive certain number of store points which helps you with your future orders, making them eligible for various discounts. See you atĀ Horusrc store. Stay tuned!

Cam 2 Cam Chat (WebCam History)

“WebCam” populary, or video camera is device which is connected to one PC which sending real time image / video signals to other computer or network. WebCameras are mostly connected via USB (Universal Serial Bus) controller to PC, or built-in like on LapTops. Common use is establishing video links on World Wide Web, where they got such a name “WebCam”. Their popularity has grown especially in the last few years and mostly because of webcam chat. Other use of WebCam are for security reasons, video conferencing, video broadcasting, recording social videos, computer vision etc… Main advantage of WebCams are low cost, wide availability and flexibility. Some of the main defects can be activating from remotely location via various kind of spywares.

First WebCam was developed and created at 1991. on Cambridge University, Computer Science Department. It was pointed on Trojan Room coffee pot and was switched off on 2001. In fact, firs commercial version for market was launched by “Connectix” on 1994. and was named QuickCam, developed for Apple Mac. It was a black-white version connectable via Serial port. Price was 100$ (USA). Mac wanted to label this WebCam as “Mac-Cam”, but Microsoft Windows built in software and launched PC version with Serial Port on October 1995.
QuickCam worked at 320 x 240 resolution, grayscale, 16 shades at 60 fps (frames per second) or 256 shades at 15 fps.

iPhone Repair

Today, it is very hard to find trusted and experienced repair service when your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or other devices need. Mobile Tech Xpress is one of those experience which are many years in business. Many oh their repairs can be performed instantly, so you can pick up your device after drinking a cup of coffee. Their employers are certified and professionally trained to repair newest updated technologies. Beside that, they can perform screen replacement of your TV, repair your cell phones (Android, iOS, Windows platforms), service your PC, game console (PS3 or other). Together with repair service they hold store where you can shop cell phones, Android, Blackberry or iPhone device with cases, accessories and parts for them. They are serving areas such as Niagara Falls, Serving St. Catharines, Thorold, Port Colburne, Welland, Lincoln and suburbs.

3D in Home Theatre

Let’s write some words and create a short review about installing 3D in home theatres. 3D projector is great thing which you definitely need if you have in plan to gave your home theatre 3D. You need to choose model of 3D video projector depending on your needs. For more info – ( Also, important fact when considering to buy 3D video projector is accessories. Shutter glases and other effects are needed to be solved and improved. Some need accessories and some not. Other important fact is space in the room where it will be installed. If you do not have enough space for the screen, you will definitely not feel full pleasure and quality of the movie watched. Choosing good sound system will fulfill enjoyment and pleasure.