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Let’s try to explain a little better what is exactly term “AdWords” in google advertising. As we know, today is pretty complicated to get on google’s first page of results. Competition is very high, and you need a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) and many other facts to succeed in this. That can be a quite expensive invest for your business and time factor is very important. For example, you will need at least one month if you want your website feel any progress doing SEO, especially if competition is big. We know that all of our websites need properly SEO, and i am not saying that you need to ignore it (you can work on it in background), but there is much more productive way to get to the first page of google results in just a couple of hours. The secret is in Google AdWords. Google AdWords is type of google advertising tactics which can show your website in front of first page, even before first google organic result. On that way you will get targeted visitors / potential customer who are searching for relevant keyword. There is possibility to attract only people from your local area by targeting. On that way, if your business is local, you can succeed in attracting only local people and AdWords will help your business grow. You can determine budget for your AdWords campaign, and you will only pay when someone made a click to your website.