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Adsparkles – An Advertising Technology

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AdSpakrles is a SUBSIDIARY of – JVPAYS Limited. We are a precision target Advertising site which delivers very high quality Pro traffic within short span of your Advertisement placed. We deliver outstanding ads campaign from start to finish using a unique automated script.

Adsparkle offers an advanced creative platform allowing brands to create stunning interactive ad units along with the services of our expert creative team. We also offer 4 realistic and sustainable adverting products all within one platform. with Capped Earnings 4% – 8% (Depend on Plan)

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How to Make Money from a Blog

Having a blog gives you numerous advantages and besides that you can write about what you like and about your lifestyle it gives you an opportunity to earn money from it. Nowadays, some people call themselves “bloggers”. Yes, most of so called “bloggers” are writing blog articles and do that for living. If you really wish to deal with making money from a blog, you should think through some things before you actually start. The first and certainly the most important one is the subject of your writings, or technically called blog’s niche. If you are going to write about some particular stuff/things you like then it’s fine and your chances for success are greater. However, if you are going to write in general manner and change the main subject through articles (read: write only for sake of earning money) that’s not a good idea and you may end up by earning just a few cents via advertising. Blogs with niches has proven to attract much more visitors comparing to those general ones. More visitors means more chances that someone will click on your ads and get interested in your writing. Ah, “ads”, we didn’t mention this very important part of your blog. The advertising system on your blog is something which can afford you money, either for paying a host and some change (with less popular blog) or make you serious amount of money (if you blog is going to be very popular among readers). In summary, you can conclude that the more visitors the merrier for your pocket. In actuality it’s like that. Now the main point is what can I do do attract enough of visitors (readers)? Well that’s something which depends on many things and which can’t be done overnight. So, stop reading this blog post and start working on your ones. Until the next write up, stay calm! – Your Social Media Agent

Since today’s world is in process of converting from analog to digital at all instances and with high speed, therefore your business will most likely depend on you Social Media network. We are always wondering where could we buy quality facebook likes to increase traffic and help us promoting our products and sales as well. As we did not have a good experience with some previous services, we decided to give a try. On our luck we were right and they did a great job. Additionally, we received for FREE a quality Geo-Targeted Youtube views which help us in achieving our primary goals. Now our Social Network is on raising and we hope to extend our business with regarding Instagram, Twitter and other networks.

Where to Buy Real YouTube Likes, Subscribers and Views

YouTube is very popular social media network founded in 2006. and the number worldwide one in sharing videos. It is pretty hard to have your video listed on the top, or even close to top among the billion videos uploaded, no matter how quality and unique your video is. Buying a real and cheap YouTube likes, subscribers and views can be a solution for you if you want to improve your video channel. Now the problems is “where to find real ones”…? ‘Purchaseyoutubelikes’ offer you 100% real YouTube services such as likes, subscribers, favorites, shares, views, comments and other. Their team is consisted of experienced SEO professionals from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Israel, Italy, India and Pakistan. They have served more than 5000 clients since 2011. Cost of their services starts form 1$, so they are very affordable. Beside YouTube servies, they can serve you other social media network needs.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – Importance for Business

Popularity of social media networks are quite big today. People mostly using them for non-commercial purposes like chatting, video interaction, following some favorite brands / actors / sport club(s) and many other ways. Facebook and Twitter are biggest representatives of social media network for non-commercial occupation, and LinkedIn for professional. Other, much smaller percent of people use social media networks for business, like marketing and promotions. Advantage of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are targeting of people, like filtering by geographical location, age, gender, skills, job and other. So, the efficiency is much bigger than on other ‘real one’ marketing platforms, like TV,radio, fliers, newspapers etc… That’s why more and more people are choosing exactly this kind of platform for their business needs. As we stated, social media presence is very important for your business, and it is directly related and connected to your business success. More followers, subscribes, likes or connections means more chances for better marketing of your product, company, fan-page or organization.

Buying real and high quality social media signals are ‘pig in a poke‘ today. There are many people or “real sites”  or individuals which offer you “real fans”, ‘real likes’, ‘real subscribers’ or ‘real followers’. They often se scripts for creating bunch of fake profiles and that use for selling. Of course, no one need that because it is completely useless. If you want to buy real ones, targeted, for your business or other needs, there are professional like SocialExperts. They have in offer Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud and Google services. Except SoundCloud, unless you are music producer, all other can boost your business. Beside your company, organization or fan-page presence in specific social media network, you are presenting your ideas or products to the whole world wide web via google, yahoo, bing… That will improve you SEO (search engine optimization) if you are running a website or blog.

At the end, after stating all facts we can clearly see that social media presence is very important for business, and that is for sure one of the keys which leads to success.

Logan Chierotti – Internet Marketing Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

Today, we will get you more familiar with Logan Chierotti an internet marketing entrepreneur and business consultant. Logan was born in Colorado, and grew up in Eldorado Springs. He now living in Denver, and he is specialists in search engine algorithm. online branding and search engine marketing. He founded “Colorado Home Helper” at the beginning of hes career, which very soon becomes largest online real estate portal. Later, “Colorado Home Helper” was sold in 2008., and after that Logan Chierotti he created healthy consumer product, and developed large network market across USA and Canada. Just like with “Colorado Home Helper” distribution network was sold, and Logan started hes career in internet marketing. He got many awards about hes business leading and one of those was “Rising Star”  by broker associate magazine for developing real estate portal.


Let’s try to explain a little better what is exactly term “AdWords” in google advertising. As we know, today is pretty complicated to get on google’s first page of results. Competition is very high, and you need a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) and many other facts to succeed in this. That can be a quite expensive invest for your business and time factor is very important. For example, you will need at least one month if you want your website feel any progress doing SEO, especially if competition is big. We know that all of our websites need properly SEO, and i am not saying that you need to ignore it (you can work on it in background), but there is much more productive way to get to the first page of google results in just a couple of hours. The secret is in Google AdWords. Google AdWords is type of google advertising tactics which can show your website in front of first page, even before first google organic result. On that way you will get targeted visitors / potential customer who are searching for relevant keyword. There is possibility to attract only people from your local area by targeting. On that way, if your business is local, you can succeed in attracting only local people and AdWords will help your business grow. You can determine budget for your AdWords campaign, and you will only pay when someone made a click to your website.