Cam 2 Cam Chat (WebCam History)

“WebCam” populary, or video camera is device which is connected to one PC which sending real time image / video signals to other computer or network. WebCameras are mostly connected via USB (Universal Serial Bus) controller to PC, or built-in like on LapTops. Common use is establishing video links on World Wide Web, where they got such a name “WebCam”. Their popularity has grown especially in the last few years and mostly because of webcam chat. Other use of WebCam are for security reasons, video conferencing, video broadcasting, recording social videos, computer vision etc… Main advantage of WebCams are low cost, wide availability and flexibility. Some of the main defects can be activating from remotely location via various kind of spywares.

First WebCam was developed and created at 1991. on Cambridge University, Computer Science Department. It was pointed on Trojan Room coffee pot and was switched off on 2001. In fact, firs commercial version for market was launched by “Connectix” on 1994. and was named QuickCam, developed for Apple Mac. It was a black-white version connectable via Serial port. Price was 100$ (USA). Mac wanted to label this WebCam as “Mac-Cam”, but Microsoft Windows built in software and launched PC version with Serial Port on October 1995.
QuickCam worked at 320 x 240 resolution, grayscale, 16 shades at 60 fps (frames per second) or 256 shades at 15 fps.

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